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Hi there, thanks for taking interest in who we are!

We started as two sisters in 2020 who much like so many others felt the pressures and impacts of everything going on around us in the world. The uncertainties gave us a strong wind of introspectiveness, we wistfully came across a quote saying: when you can't help yourself, help others. So we took some time out from our "WFH" and reached out to some charities around Oxford working with vulnerable people who needed some general help and companionship during the lonely times of the pandemic.

With a background in architecture and a love for spacial design, I always felt I could somehow apply and incorporate this to everyday life. A few months in to volunteering with these amazing charities, we took on some of these wonderful people's homes who found they needed some help with organising their belongings and arranging their spaces in ways that felt functional and neat - leading us to establish NEAT CITY. 

Months later we are continuing to work with a variety of clients who need their spaces organised and neat giving them peace of mind.

Below are some lovely people who we've helped and have been nice enough to leave us some comments. Here at NEAT CITY we hope we can do the same for you!

Also we're sure you may have some questions, please check out our Frequently Asked Questions page and please do reach out with any queries.